Is anyone still out there?

I lost someone very, very dear to me. It’s been awhile, but it feels like it was yesterday. In the middle of unimaginable sorrow, I lost myself. It’s always interesting to me how things get our minds working. I saw a recent news article about a fugitive child molester caught in Mexico. I hadn’t thought about the monster Rick Mclean in soooo long. My heart lept for a moment because I thought it was him. It wasn’t, but the joy I felt reminded me of the importance of what i’m trying to do here. He’s out there somewhere, terrorizing another innocent little girl. Have you seen him? I need your help. I need to stop the monster.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Child Abuse

It made me sick, I just saw this video of more child abuse in the Jehovah’s Witness church. You never know who might knock on your door, or if one can be your neighbor, like Rick. It makes me so sick to make me think of men like him out there, and especially hiding in churches.

Rick McLean on CNN’s The Hunt…..

Did you see it?  Gives me chills, but it’s good that everyone out there knows the truth. It’s a great segment.  Watch the victims talk about the horrors he put them through made me cry. I also noticed that the US Marshals have created a new 1-800 number with more information.  You have to call and listen to this stuff!!  It tooks my breath away!!! Here’s the number:  (800) 205-4876.


Rick Mclean’s article is about halfway down the page:


Thanks to a great friend, I have a copy of the show that just went on CNN.  Go to my Videos section to see the full segment with some extra footage that didn’t make the on air cut.


Let’s catch this creep!

Has the trail gone cold?

It seems like its been forever since we heard anything from the US Marshalls about Rick Mclean. For awhile we would hear regular updates and new things, but now its been so long I wonder if they’ve run out of ideas.

Or have they just given up?  I don’t know what the answer is, but we can’t let this go.  There are too many monsters on the loose.  For each of the uncaptured molestors, there’s still a child somewhere having nightmares that they may return.  That they may return and resume the torture and terror that has forever changed their lives.

The US Marshalls has has five fugitives on their most wanted list that are child molestors. (

The FBI has two of their Top 10 most wanted that are molestors ( They also have a whole page dedciated to monsters that commit crimes against children. (

Take some time and look over the mugshots and wanted posters. If you have some information, call the police. There’s no reason to protect any of these vicous animals.

Help end the nightmares.

LAPD to review Los Angeles clergy abuse files

I doubt anyone will get arrested, but we can hope, can’t we?


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police will review abusive priests’ personnel files to see if the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles committed any crimes, including failure to report child abuse, authorities said Tuesday.

Investigators will focus on the cases of about a dozen previously investigated priests and audit past probes to make sure nothing was missed, said Los Angeles police Cmdr. Andrew Smith. The department will also look at the files for all 122 priests made public Thursday by court order after priests fought for five years to keep them sealed.

Thousands of pages of confidential files kept by the archdiocese on priests accused of molesting children show how retired Cardinal Roger Mahony and other top archdiocese officials protected the church by shielding priests and not reporting child sex abuse to authorities.

“Now what’s being alleged is a failure to report, those kinds of things, so there’s a new emphasis — it’s not just the person that’s accused of the behavior,” said Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese, who heads the detective bureau. “We’re taking a fresh look on cases we’ve already handled to make sure we don’t have reporting issues that got past.”

Michael Hennigan, an archdiocese attorney, declined to comment Tuesday.

Mahony, who retired in 2011 as head of the nation’s largest diocese, was publicly rebuked Thursday by his successor, Archbishop Jose Gomez.

The same day, Bishop Thomas Curry, a top Mahony aide who made critical decisions on abusive priests, requested to resign from his post as an auxiliary bishop in charge of the archdiocese’s Santa Barbara region.

Both Mahony and Curry have publicly apologized for their dealings with pedophile priests.

The archdiocese agreed to release the files as part of a $660 million settlement with abuse victims in 2007. Attorneys for individual priests fought for five years to prevent the papers from being made public and the archdiocese tried to blot out large sections, including the names of hierarchy involved in decision making. The Associated Press and Los Angeles Times fought successfully to have the names of Mahony and top church officials made public.

The archdiocese is considering launching a $200 million fundraising campaign in the midst of the fallout, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday. A recent financial report indicates the archdiocese has a deficit of nearly $80 million.

It’s unlikely police will unearth anything within the statute of limitations, said Rebecca Lonergan, a former federal prosecutor and a professor at the University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law.

The statute of limitations on most crimes that would apply to the priest cases is three years under state law and five years under federal law.

Prosecutors could try to prove an ongoing conspiracy among members of the church hierarchy to cover up for abusive priests, but under federal law even that would require proof of criminal activity over a long period of time with one specific crime within the past five years.

Clergy were not mandated child abuse reporters until 1997, and by then, the archdiocese had implemented significant changes in how it dealt with reports of pedophile priests.

“Most of the documents that have been revealed are bad and show concealment, but they’re really old,” Lonergan said. “There’s none that show this is going on within the past few years, in the late 2000s.”

Prosecutors have previously investigated the archdiocese for its handling of sex abuse cases, but no criminal charges were ever filed against the hierarchy.

Also on Tuesday, a support group for clergy abuse victims called for the Los Angeles Unified School District to thoroughly investigate how the district hired a former priest who allegedly had a sexual relationship with a minor.

Joseph Pina, who was never convicted of a crime, was hired in 2002 as a community outreach coordinator for the district’s school construction campaign, said Tom Waldman, the district’s spokesman. The archdiocese told the Los Angeles Times it warned the district about Pina, but the LAUSD can’t find any indication of that in its files, Waldman said Tuesday.

“Whether or not we called them as a reference, I don’t know,” he said.

The former priest worked with adults only, was never alone with children and wasn’t the subject of any complaints during his time there, Waldman said.


Another monster gets caged; 475 years for molester.

Man gets 475-year sentence for child rape, torture.

This horrible creature did everything to these two poor girls except kill them.  He stole their childhood, their adolesence.  They are forever burdened with emotional and physical scars that will never completely heal.  As please as I am about the sentence, there is a burning discomfort in my heart. 

This went on for years.  Someone had to know.  Someone had to suspect something.  This is for all you adults out there……follow your heart, trust your instincts.  The only way to stop these monsters is to confront them!

Another molesting predator using a church to find victims.

A former Joshua Tree elementary school teacher and local church volunteer was arrested after admitting that he has been molesting boys, perhaps since the early 1980s, authorities said Friday.

Caleb Douglas Hesse, 52, disclosed the crimes to a San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy on Wednesday, and may have been molesting boys “as recently as one week ago,” according to a statement released by the Sheriff’s Department.

Hesse until recently was a first-grade teacher at Friendly Hills Elementary School in Joshua Tree, and also served as a youth volunteer with the Evangelical Free Church in Yucca Valley, officials said. As a church volunteer, he was involved in a number of overnight outings with kids throughout California, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

Detectives said they currently are trying to identify victims of the abuse, and that they believe most of them may have been involved with the church youth group. Some of the victims may now be 30 to 40 years old, investigators said.

Hesse was arrested on suspicion of committing a lewd and lascivious act with a child under 14, and is being held at the Morongo Basin Jail in lieu of $2.5-million bail. Arraignment in his case is scheduled for Friday afternoon in Morono Valley.

 Here’s another monster that navigated some our most trusted instituitions in order to fullfill his demonic desires.  The similarities between this and Rick Mclean give me chills.  For those of you that have children, you understand how trusting someone to leave your kid with is no small matter.  This serves as a perfect example of how manipulative these creeps can be.  They put on a mask of caring and trustworthiness when in reality all they are doing is destroying children and families. 


Whoever you are, whereever you are, you must do everything to stop these monsters.  Every one put in jail is a victory for the victims.  Help Mcleans victims get their lives back, please.

Score one for the good guys….

“US prosecutors said today they have broken an international child pornography ring that produced and distributed explicit images of infants and toddlers online.

The US attorney’s office in Indianapolis announced that seven men have been convicted, and two more defendants have pleaded guilty. Authorities are investigating suspects in the US, UK, Sweden, Serbia and the Netherlands.

First assistant US attorney Josh Minkler said more than two dozen children in the US and other countries were abused in the production of the pornography.

He said the children “far too often, weren’t old enough to comprehend the crimes committed against them”.

The investigation began in November 2010 with the arrest of David Bostic. Investigators raided his home in Indiana and found hundreds of images and videos on his computer of children between the ages of two months and four years engaged in sexual acts. He was convicted on 65 counts and sentenced to 315 years in prison.

Further investigation of Bostic’s computer led investigators to others in the group.

Assistant US attorney Steve DeBrota said the members met though a website and traded videos and still images by email.

“That ability to find a like-minded individual online that you couldn’t find in the real world is a severe danger that comes with the internet,” Mr DeBrota said.”

It’s such a relief to hear when monsters like these are caught and put where they belong. In my mind, there is no difference between child pornography and sexually assaulting a child. It’s the same sick twisted appetite that leads to both. Look at the sentence that I highlighted above. More than 2 dozen children were abuse by this ring. That’s 2 dozen more innocent babies that have had their lives forever damaged by those that prey on the weakest. I’m glad that there are people still working to find these creeps and lock them up. What have you done to stop child sex abuse?

A victim tells his story…

I found this videos on the other day. They’re older, and not edited very well, but it’s a great example of how trapped and confused victims of molestors like Rick Mclean feel. When you add the Jehovah’s Witness cover up, it creates a seemingly unescapable situation for a young child. Can you imagine the terror of having to go to church every weekend and face the monster that views you as just a piece of meat to be consumed, and the remains cast aside? That’s what happens to these kids.

And when they do the right thing…..they tell their parents, they tell the police, they even go so far as to challenge the monster in public……sometimes that isn’t enough. The monster stays free, and a new nightmare begins.

Pleae check out the videos. I look forward to hearing your comments.




New video posted!!!

After searching high and low, I finally found the episode of Rick Mclean on America’s Most Wanted.

I posted a link on my video page.

Please take a few minutes to watch it.  It’s creepy how normal he looks in the video.  You can see how easy it is to be fooled by him.