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Just caught this press release from Canada:

TORONTO – A U.S. fugitive who police say uses his position as a ministerial servant of the Jehovah Witness to get close to children is being sought for allegedly molesting four youngsters in California.

Frederick Cecil McLean, 61, is among the U.S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted fugitives and is believed to be hiding in the GTA, officers of Toronto Police’s Fugitive Squad said on Wednesday.

McLean’s plight has been aired twice on America’s Most Wanted TV show without leading to his arrest.

He was charged in California with multiple counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor under 14. An arrest warrant was issued for him in Jan. 2005 when police believe he fled to Canada.

The Marshals said McLean is accused of sexually assaulting four separate U.S. victims, who were children under 14.

“One of the victims claims that McLean molested her over 100 times between 1991 and 1996,” U.S. police allege. “McLean molested his first victim at 28-years-old in San Felipe, Mexico.”

The Marshals allege McLean, who has a successful business restoring cars, used his position in the Jehovah Witness to gain access to his victims.

Police said McLean fled the U.S. after being confronted by his family. He said then he was planning for his escape his whole life.

Police said as their probe widened, McLean sold his property including houses and a lucrative race car business and split the profits with his wife, whom he divorced.

The U.S. Marshals estimate he fled to Canada with about $400,000 in cash to help him hide.

Police said McLean has been in touch with his family during the years on the run and was self-employed as a dealer and restorer of vintage racecars, who liked to go primitive camping in the desert.

“McLean has been described as a loner with no real friends,” the Marshals said. “He is considered armed and dangerous.”

Anyone who has information on the fugitive is asked to call police at 4516-808-5930 or CrimeStoppers at 416-222-TIPS

So what do you think? Have the cops found something new?

The thought of this horrible disgusting human in jail brings peace to my soul.

Heads up Canada, you might have a monster hiding among you.


Every time I see something like this, I get hit with such a rush of emotions. First, my blood boils. That slowly gets replaced with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. We are taught as kids that the church is a safe place. How can we go on if it turns out that the place we thought safest turns out to be harboring the greatest demons? Why does society seem so afraid to tackle this head on?

There are a lot of people out there doing good work, @stopitnow and

Everyone out there


do something. Take a stand. Fight back. Support each other. Stop the monsters.


PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Jurors in a landmark church sex-abuse trial in Philadelphia are hearing about a priest who was convicted of child pornography charges but wasn’t defrocked until years later.

Prosecutors presented a chronology of the Rev. Edward DePaoli on Tuesday as they continue building their case against a high-ranking official in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. DePaoli was convicted in 1986 but served as a priest until 2002. He was defrocked in 2005.

DePaoli isn’t a defendant in the trial but prosecutors are using testimony about him and others in their case against Monsignor William Lynn. Lynn is the first Roman Catholic official in the U.S. charged with endangering children for allegedly transferring priests suspected of molestation.

He is on trial with the Rev. James Brennan, who is charged with the attempted rape of a 14-year-old boy. Both have pleaded not guilty.

A victim tells his story…

I found this videos on the other day. They’re older, and not edited very well, but it’s a great example of how trapped and confused victims of molestors like Rick Mclean feel. When you add the Jehovah’s Witness cover up, it creates a seemingly unescapable situation for a young child. Can you imagine the terror of having to go to church every weekend and face the monster that views you as just a piece of meat to be consumed, and the remains cast aside? That’s what happens to these kids.

And when they do the right thing…..they tell their parents, they tell the police, they even go so far as to challenge the monster in public……sometimes that isn’t enough. The monster stays free, and a new nightmare begins.

Pleae check out the videos. I look forward to hearing your comments.




New video posted!!!

After searching high and low, I finally found the episode of Rick Mclean on America’s Most Wanted.

I posted a link on my video page.

Please take a few minutes to watch it.  It’s creepy how normal he looks in the video.  You can see how easy it is to be fooled by him.

Words really can hurt.

According to, rape is defined as:

The unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse; any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.

Abuse is defined as:
to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way
Molest is defined as:

to bother, interfere with, or annoy.

Why do most of the major media stories I see regarding Jerry Sandusky or Bernie Fine use the term “abuse” or “molest” to describe their actions.  It’s not just these two stories, the term is used in media coverage of Rick Mclean also. 
What is wrong with our society that we can’t call this despicable crime for what it is.  RAPE.  Plain and simple.  The law clearly states that anyone under 18 can’t give consent.  Mclean, Sandusky, and Fine forced themselves on their victims.  I know that Frederick Mclean threatned his victims.  He also threatened to hurt their families.  How is this anything but RAPE?!?
There is something seriously wrong with our society that allows such a horrid act to be described with such neutered terminology. 
Imagine an innocent girl, 8 years old…..she’s face to face with this monster who looks like someone she thought she could trust.  He’s telling her that he will hurt her and her family if she tells anyone about the horror that he is about to unleash on her.  Does that sound like she is being bothered or annoyed? 
I don’t think so either.
Do all of us a favor, call this assholes what they are.  They are RAPISTS. Even more accurately, they are CHILD RAPISTS.  I can think of no more disgusting form of human existence.  Maybe it’s too hard for some of you to acknowledge the existence of such a disgusting creature by calling them what they are.  All you are doing is protecting them.  They don’t deserve your protection, pity, or forgiveness.
They won’t stop until they are locked up in prison….or dead.

Monsters in the media…

I’ve been closely following the Penn State and Jerry Sandusky story with great interest. Listening to his interview gave some interesting insight into the mind of monsters like Sandusky and Mclean.

“I — I have showered after workouts. I — I have hugged them and I — I have touched their leg.” -Jerry Sandusky

Who does that?!? 

It’s astounding that his mind is so broken and twisted that he offers this completely disgusting and ridiculous example as an alternate explination to what everyone knows is true.

I see a lot of parallels between Sandusky’s ability to hide at Penn State and Rick Mclean’s ability to stay hidden in the JW congregations.  Maybe it’s inexperience, maybe it’s denial…I don’t see how these organziations can knowingly allow such a dispicable creature to roam their hallways.  You can talk to them all you want….they will lie to your face and swear it will never happen again.  Predators like Rick Mclean and Jerry Sandusky are master liars and manipluators.  They can no more change who they are than can a zebra change its stripes.  These disgusting animals have one driving motivation, to prey on and destroy the lives of innocent children.

I cannot bring myself to read it, but if you are interested in the horrors that this monsters inflict, look at the Sandusky Grand Jury report.  I bet Rick Mclean’s police reports look very similar.

Jerry Sandusky Grand Jury Report

The only way they stop is if they are arrested or die.  Sandusky is out on bail right now…I beat he’s fantisizing about new victims.  I know Mclean is out there…planning, stalking, hunting.  I pray that he hasn’t found another innocent to devour and expose to the unholy nightmare.

We need to find him.  We must find Rick Mclean.

America’s Most Wanted is back! (sort of)

The last I heard, the show was taken off the air and they were looking for a different network.  According to the AMW Reloaded Blog, there will be regular two hour specials on Fox.  That show does wonderful things and helps the cops track down monsters like Rick Mclean.  We need to support them as much as we can.

A friend texted this morning and said that Rick was on the 2 hour special on Saturday night.  I’ve been searching hi and low but can’t find a replay of it anywhere.  Does anyone know where I can find it?  I’ll gladly re-host it here if someone has it recorded.  I found some old footage from the last time he was on the show and I’m working on getting it uploaded here.  Stay tuned!


After a long absence, I’m giving it another go. This blog style should make it easier to upload thoughts, pictures, rumors, etc. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get back what was taken from me, but I have to try.

I’ll be working to bring the info over from the old site into this new format, please bear with me.  🙂

Photos are up!

I added some of the photos from the old site.  there is a link at the top of the page.  Please take a look!