Rick McLean on CNN’s The Hunt…..

Did you see it?  Gives me chills, but it’s good that everyone out there knows the truth. It’s a great segment.  Watch the victims talk about the horrors he put them through made me cry. I also noticed that the US Marshals have created a new 1-800 number with more information.  You have to call and listen to this stuff!!  It tooks my breath away!!! Here’s the number:  (800) 205-4876.


Rick Mclean’s article is about halfway down the page:  http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2014/06/us/the-hunt/


Thanks to a great friend, I have a copy of the show that just went on CNN.  Go to my Videos section to see the full segment with some extra footage that didn’t make the on air cut.



Let’s catch this creep!

Back on track….

Well it seems as though investigators have not forgotten about Rick Mclean after all. Heaven knows I will NEVER forget, but it is good to see that the law enforcement community still cares about going after these predators, even when these monsters are cowards in hiding. It has been so long since I have heard any updates that I was beginning to lose hope. Speaking of which, sorry for not updating this blog in such a very long time…. The outlook has just been so bleak for catching this monster that I had honestly become weary in this fight. One great update I can share with you is that CNN will be profiling him on their new show “The Hunt” this Sunday (August 10th). This gives me hope again. I hope and pray that somebody out there will watch this show, see this story and his pictures, and CALL IN!!! Check back on my blog again soon as I am hoping there will be many new updates to come with the airing of The Hunt this Sunday. And please spread the word so as many people as possible tune in to CNN so we can finally CATCH THIS MONSTER.