Jehovah’s Witness hiding molesters

One of the things I’ve never touched in in this blog is the idea that someone in the JW organization is hiding Rick McLean.

I came across this interesting thread about another elder accused of molestation:

Again, there are a lot of similarities to Rick Mclean’s case. The Internet is awash with many stories about Michael Johnson Norris and many of them make comparisons to McLean.

To me, it seems like a question worth asking. Is someone helping Rick McLean and other predators? What person of God could knowingly help such a creature? I’m curious to hear an explanation from anyone as to why such a thing could happen.

They way I understand it, even if a Jehovah’s Witness is shunned by the group, that person can still attend meetings and work on repenting until they are in good standing. It really does frighten me to think that a group of people would willingly allow an admitted child molester to remain in their presence.

One bit of promise in all this gloomy news, I’ve discovered a huge online community of people looking to expose child molesters like Rick McLean. I hope that they can bring additional resources to help catch him.

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  1. I certainly hope he is found a brought to justice. Even if he is not, God, WILL hold him accountable for what he did to all his victims. I do know that even if a person is excommunicated or shunned from being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, it is not possible to stop a person from attending any of their meetings as they are public gatherings. It’s no different than a child molester who attends a Catholic Church service, or a service of another religion…it is open to anyone who wants to attend. There are countless priests and bishops, teachers, principals, day care workers, and, and, and…who have done the same thing unfortunately. Although it is totally a possibility that someone is protecting him or hiding him, or something of that nature, someone who would do such a thing is obviously made of the same disgusting mental aptitude and I have full confidence that people like that will also be held accountable. I would certainly hope that this is not the case but in this world who knows… I have only recently become aware of this case and ironically enough there is somewhere not too far from where I live that reminds me greatly of this person…I will be looking into it and will happily alert the proper authorities should it actually turn out to be him.

  2. Actually, the “elders” or people in he congregation would be obligated by law and within the organization to report him, as he is on the run. He would go straight to jail… He knows that so he wouldn’t be going to meetings at a Kingdom Hall. Even if he served a sentence and somehow was able to be on a parole and tried to come back he wouldn’t be allowed to have any contact with any young children or women within the congregation AND he wouldn’t be able to be used with any privileges or responsibilities. Please make sure you get your facts correct before you make an assumption or opinion into something that sounds factual.

  3. What Sandy said.
    Also, you introduced as an “idea” that a jw was hiding him, then treated the idea as an established fact for the rest of the post. It’s irresponsible.

  4. Sandy and Shamus, I take it you are both JWs. Go read about the lawsuit that Mclean’s victims filed. It’s a safe assumption that people in the church knew about his problems, yet he still managed to find more victims to terrorize. I’m aware of JW’s public standing on molesters, but time and again, we see proof that what is actually happening is something different.

  5. Here’s a news flash for you. The Jehovah’s Witnesses DO NOT hide anyone and yes they are welcome to come to the meetings even if they are “disfellowshipped”. In fact it is encouraged. I doubt anyone present would knowingly allow someone to continue to go if they knew a person was wanted by authorities, as in someone would report their presence to the police. Please post comments on what you know to be the truth and not what you “heard” was true.

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