Jehovah’s Witness hiding molesters

One of the things I’ve never touched in in this blog is the idea that someone in the JW organization is hiding Rick McLean.

I came across this interesting thread about another elder accused of molestation:

Again, there are a lot of similarities to Rick Mclean’s case. The Internet is awash with many stories about Michael Johnson Norris and many of them make comparisons to McLean.

To me, it seems like a question worth asking. Is someone helping Rick McLean and other predators? What person of God could knowingly help such a creature? I’m curious to hear an explanation from anyone as to why such a thing could happen.

They way I understand it, even if a Jehovah’s Witness is shunned by the group, that person can still attend meetings and work on repenting until they are in good standing. It really does frighten me to think that a group of people would willingly allow an admitted child molester to remain in their presence.

One bit of promise in all this gloomy news, I’ve discovered a huge online community of people looking to expose child molesters like Rick McLean. I hope that they can bring additional resources to help catch him.