Monsters in the media…

I’ve been closely following the Penn State and Jerry Sandusky story with great interest. Listening to his interview gave some interesting insight into the mind of monsters like Sandusky and Mclean.

“I — I have showered after workouts. I — I have hugged them and I — I have touched their leg.” -Jerry Sandusky

Who does that?!? 

It’s astounding that his mind is so broken and twisted that he offers this completely disgusting and ridiculous example as an alternate explination to what everyone knows is true.

I see a lot of parallels between Sandusky’s ability to hide at Penn State and Rick Mclean’s ability to stay hidden in the JW congregations.  Maybe it’s inexperience, maybe it’s denial…I don’t see how these organziations can knowingly allow such a dispicable creature to roam their hallways.  You can talk to them all you want….they will lie to your face and swear it will never happen again.  Predators like Rick Mclean and Jerry Sandusky are master liars and manipluators.  They can no more change who they are than can a zebra change its stripes.  These disgusting animals have one driving motivation, to prey on and destroy the lives of innocent children.

I cannot bring myself to read it, but if you are interested in the horrors that this monsters inflict, look at the Sandusky Grand Jury report.  I bet Rick Mclean’s police reports look very similar.

Jerry Sandusky Grand Jury Report

The only way they stop is if they are arrested or die.  Sandusky is out on bail right now…I beat he’s fantisizing about new victims.  I know Mclean is out there…planning, stalking, hunting.  I pray that he hasn’t found another innocent to devour and expose to the unholy nightmare.

We need to find him.  We must find Rick Mclean.